Keto Sweets: Peanut Butter Cheesecake Bites

Happy Sunday! It’s another beautiful sunny day here. I am hanging out drinking coffee, “baking”, and sitting out in the sun watching tv.

This is my bonus blog for the weekend.

I have a couple friends on the Keto diet and I applaud them. I don’t want to live in a world without dessert and potatoes. They’ve had to endure all the Monday’s that I bring in Delish Desserts without getting to try them. That being said, I thought I would be a good friend and bring them in a Keto friendly Delish Dessert.

I mostly followed the recipe since I didn’t want to add anything that might not be ok to add. I will say this cookbook is the first one I’ve ever seen an error in. It says in the directions to mix in the Swerve but when I looked at the ingredients it didn’t list Swerve at all. ? That’s what I get for not reading everything first. ? I ended up guessing on the amount to add and I went with the powdered Swerve. I also added a little bit of salt on top. I ate one, surprisingly they were not bad at all actually. Not really my idea of sweets but, if I was on this diet and wanted something sweet this would definitely work.

I got the Swerve and Monk Fruit sweetener off of Amazon. There is Swerve powdered and granular. It is also kinda pricey, I was able to get a smaller size bag of each in a pack for $15. The Monk Fruit sweetener was $7 for a small bag.

I normally don’t have Unsweetened PB and Coconut Oil at my house. A friend brilliantly reminded me of grocery stores with grind your own PB sections. I have a store right by me that has one so I went there and got some. They also have a Coconut Oil dispenser as well. The PB and the Coconut Oil cost me about $3.

The Chocolate Baking Bar was about $6, it has to be at least 85% Cacao to count for Keto.

Here’s what you need for the PB Cheesecake Bites…

8 oz softened Cream Cheese

1/2 c Unsweetened Peanut Butter

1/4 c Monk Fruit Sweetener

1 tsp Vanilla

1 c Powdered Swerve

4 oz Baking bar at least 85% Cacao

1 heaping tbsp Coconut Oil

They did not say what a serving size was but here is the breakdown:

184 calories

16 grams total fat

8 grams total carbs

1 gram fiber

5 grams protein

Net Carbs 7 grams

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper

With a hand or stand mixer beat the first 4 ingredients together for about 2 minutes.

The dough is pretty sticky so I used 2 spoons to form the dough into balls or as close as you can get to a ball.

Freeze for 1 hour. Then, get your double boiler ready. I used a small metal bowl over a small pot of barely simmering water. The smaller the bowl/pot the better since it’s not that much chocolate.

Break up the bar into smaller pieces and put it in the bowl with the coconut oil. Leave for a couple minutes then start storing until melted and combined.

I pulled the bites out of the freezer and using tongs and a spoon I quickly coated the bottom and sides of each bite. Then, put them back on the parchment, sprinkle with salt and stick them back into the freezer for a half hour.

Keep them in an airtight container in the freezer until your ready to eat them. Enjoy!

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